Welcome to Bonfig’s documentation!

>>> from Bonfig import Bonfig, Store
>>> import json
>>> class Config(Bonfig):
...     store = Store()
...     pi = store.FloatField()
...     def load(self):
...         self.store = json.loads('{"pi": 3.14159}')
>>> conf = Config()
>>> conf.pi
>>> conf.store
mappingproxy({'pi': 3.14159})

Stop writing your configurations as dictionaries and strange floating dataclasses, make them Bonfigs and make use of a whole bunch of great features:

  • Declare your configurations as easy to read classes.
  • Get all the power that comes with classes built into your configurations - polymorphism, custom methods and custom initialisation.
  • Sleep safe in the knowledge your config won’t change unexpectedly.
  • Ready made serialisation and deserialisation using out the box Fields - IntField, FloatField, BoolField, DatetimeField and PathField.

Sound good? Get started at Quickstart.

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